mercredi 15 septembre 2010

Samantha Sweeting

Bestilalia (I never imagined life without you) - trailer. from Samantha Sweeting on Vimeo.

La Nourrice (come drink from me my darling) from Jared Brandle on Vimeo.

La Nourrice is an interactive performance inviting audience members to suckle. It is a continuation in Samantha's series of works exploring cross-species metamorphosis and nurture, drawing upon myth, fairytale and religious iconography. She wears her Peau d'Ane disguise as milky tears fall from her breasts in an intimate display of love and tristesse. This work occurs alongside Samantha's active research into stimulated lactation, in which milk is used as a deeply erotic bodily fluid through which body and gender are experienced as complex and mutable rather than fixed binary opposites.

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