mardi 29 janvier 2013


Pop deux - 10/06/1972 - 22min55s

Le 29 Janvier 1972, le groupe du VELVET UNDERGROUND (Lou REED, John CALE et NICO) s'est reformé à l'occasion d'un concert donné sur la scène du Bataclan de Paris. Lou REED interprète "Berlin", "I'm waiting for the man", "Heroin". John CALE interprète "Ghost story". NICO interprète "Femme Fatale" (fin de la chanson sur générique déroulant).Entre les chansons, Patrice BLANC FRANCARD devise, a posteriori, sur ce concert en compagnie de Philippe PARINGAUX, Yves ADRIEN et Jean-Pierre LENTIN. Sur un ton très baba cool, ils parlent du groupe mythique, du rôle de patron détenu par Lou REED et de la différence de mentalité entre New York et la Californie.

vendredi 25 janvier 2013

CTS_MUSEic Of The BODy by artist Amy Greenfield

MUSEic Of The BODy, in many ways is not only a tribute to Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik both well known artists and musicians but also a pivotal experience for Greenfield. It was the first time she directed a large scale multi media stage event that would influence her own work for the next decade.
Her subjective camera zooms in and out at a dizzying pace on performer Suzanne Gregoire, who is completely nude in a pair of stilettos and a long string of extra large pearls. She is bound and tangled in the expansive string of pearls while she plays Nam June Paik's interactive piano/video installation Pyramid- Interactive with her convoluted body. She pounds the piano in a desperate physical wail. The audience is given the ultimate impression of internal calamity pulled in a cerebral storm of transgressing emotions. Her image fills the mountain of screens, she hammers and tears at her pearls, her eyes make contact with the audience, her body shakes and quivers. The accompanying soundtrack facilitates and promotes this increasing transgression by mixing the rogue piano notes with the classic sounds of Beethoven's piano sonata. Her head reaches back, the pearls tighten, she exhales, the piano fades, it is understood this dance continues on in an ethereal sphere now.
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Amy Greenfield
MUSEic Of The BODy
2009 (1994), film, color, sound, edition of 10, run time 8:03 minutes

CTS_MUSEic Of The BODy by artist Amy Greenfield from CTSart on Vimeo.