jeudi 24 février 2011


A portrait of Eliane Radigue, produced by the Austrian IMA (Institute for Media Archeology),
which observes Eliane in her workspace, operating the ARP
and talking about the process of composing and recording.

Interviews: Cornelia Primosch (ORF), Daniela Swarowsky
Camera: Sepp Thoma (ORF), Anais Prosaic
Film editing: Elena Tikhonova, Anais Prosaic
Sound: Henry Roux (ORF)
Sound editing: Elisabeth Schimana
filmed in Paris
Format: 4:3
Language: French
Subtiteles: English, German

Eliane Radigue has composed electronic music since the sixties.
She is the only French woman composer of her generation
who can be considered to be a pioneer of this genre, and of minimal music as well.
Her music is a slow flux of dense sounds subject to imperceptible mutations.
 A timeless architecture of deep vibrations speaking not to the intellect or to hearing,
 but to the entire body.
A music which is unsettling if one submerges oneself in it.
A music that possesses the monumental subtlety of the movement of oceans.

Emmanuel Holterbach (Translation Leslie Stuck)

French audio with English subtitles, 15 minutes.

A Portrait of Eliane Radigue (2009) from Maxime Guitton on Vimeo.

The DVD can be purchased on the IMA's website here :

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