jeudi 17 mars 2011

Georges Bataille - À perte de vue - Un film de André S. Labarthe

"Un siècle d'écrivains/A Century of Writers" is a 50-minute documentary program co-produced by Amip-France 3.

André S. Labarthe, well-known as co-founder and original developer of "Cinéma, de notre temps", here portrays the French writer Georges Bataille (1897-1962), whose work ventures, at the same time, into the fields of literature, anthropology, philosophy, economy, sociology and history of art.

Initially broadcasted on 30 April 1997, the film contains the interviews with Pierre Klossowski and Jacques Pimpanneau. The French title could be translated as "As-Far-as-The-Eye-Can-See (At the Limit of Vision)", which may well constitute a literary reference to the Bataille's first book, "Story of the Eye".

"Comment saisir à mains nues la pensée la plus volcanique du siècle ? Comment approcher par le film ce qui se dérobe à toute approche ?
Comment le cinéma – "art de l’image", dit-on – peut-il accueillir et laisser vivre les images inadmissibles qui tissent des récits tels que "Madame Edwara" et "Le Mort" ?
Bref, comment parler de Georges Bataille dans un film quand on sait ce film impossible ?" André S. Labarthe. 

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