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Henri d'Ursel "La Perle"

Henri d'Ursel "La Perle" 1929 - Screenplay by Georges Hugnet- Composition by Mireille Capelle

"The count Henri d'Ursel shot La perle (The Pearl) under the pseudonym of Henri d'Arche "in the flush of inexperience", as he put it. D'Ursel made only one film, based on a screenplay by the poet Georges Hugnet. In a Paris straight out of the serials of Louis Feuillade, the hero goes in search of a pearl which constantly disappears in a string of bizarre encounters - sneak thieves in a hotel wearing body stockings à la Musidora, a beautiful fiancée on a bicycle and a somnambulist walking the rooftops in a night-shirt, amorous fantasies in the undergrowth. Hugnet himself played this waking dreamer, haunted by an unending eroticism reflected in the images."

"Seven composers wrote the music for these unique films: Joachim Brackx, Eric Sleichim, Jan Van Outryve, Annelies Van Parys (in residence at Transparant) and Mireille Capelle, Geert Callaert and Thomas Smetryns (in residence at HERMESensemble). The works for ensemble are performed by the HERMES ensemble conducted by Koen Kessels."

Directed by:
Henri d' Ursel

Georges Hugnet

Georges Hugnet → Le jeune homme
Kissa Kouprine → La voleuse
Renee Savoye → La somnambule (as Renée Savoy)
Mary Stutz → Lulu - La fiancée du jeune homme


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